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Bauer Explores Salt House’s ‘Reinvigorated’ Menu

Exceptional discoveries.
Exceptional discoveries. Photo: Courtesy of Salt House

Michael Bauer recently checked out Salt House’s new menu, which has been reinvigorated by the arrival of Vernon Morales. (Bauer also got recognized as a critic while snapping some pictures, which subsequently earned him greatly improved service.)

Bauer noted that nearly every dish contains an unexpected ingredient, such as “huitlacoche and vanilla oil in the corn soup ($9), creamed romaine lettuce with a poached organic egg and morel mushrooms ($15) or parsley root on the Alaskan cod ($27).” He concludes that the restaurant is still in experimental mode with “some exceptional discoveries to be had.”

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Salt House has reinvigorated menu [Chron]

Bauer Explores Salt House’s ‘Reinvigorated’ Menu