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Shakedown: Seizure-Faking Restaurant Customer Caught by Cops

He'll have the seizure salad.
He’ll have the seizure salad. Photo: iStockphoto

Baltimore’s notorious “Galloping Gourmet” is up to his old tricks once more. The man, whose real name is Andrew Palmer, made a name for himself by faking seizures at fancy restaurants in order to avoid paying his bill. The enterprising criminal would collapse with the shakes as soon as his tab appeared, something that seems reasonable somewhere like Per Se but maybe not at Baltimore’s Chazz: A Bronx Original, where he was found last night. According to reports, “Sometimes, he’d pass out in the middle of the dining room, and he’d sometimes throw in seizure-like symptoms.” In quieter moments, he’d pretend to fall asleep on his stool.

He pulled the scam on more than 80 occasions and even spent time behind bars, but he was released recently and returned to his old ways, wreaking havoc on dining rooms throughout Baltimore. Savvy Chazz staffers spotted him last night and quickly summoned police, who arrested him on outstanding warrants. Oddly, officials are unsure if it’s the same Galloping Gourmet or a copycat seizer. Good news regardless: In prison, the food’s free!

Chazz Busts the Galloping Gourmet, Seizure-Faking Scam Artist [Baltimore Sun]

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Shakedown: Seizure-Faking Restaurant Customer Caught by Cops