Alinea and Eleven Madison Park Trading Places For a Week? Plus First Kyoto Teaser Video

Packing Achatz for New York.
Packing Achatz for New York. Photo: courtesy Alinea

That’s the two and two that observers put together Friday afternoon. That morning, as we reported here, Alinea put it up its schedule for upcoming ticket sales, and there was a week— October 10-14— when Alinea would be closed for a private event. Later that day they put out the video below, in which the staffs of both Alinea and New York’s Eleven Madison Park are seen packing up their gear… all the way to Grant Achatz himself being packed in a box. It’s still not clear exactly what’s happening and when— whether they’ll both switch places the same week, or collaborate during two separate weeks in the two cities, and who will be where October 10-14— but whatever’s happening, it has a name, 21st Century Limited, which refers to the old Twentieth Century Limited that train ran New York to Chicago (and gave its name to a classic train comedy).

Here’s the 21st Century Limited video:

And that’s not even the only video that Achatz & Co. put out on Friday; they also released the first teaser for the next Next menu, Kyoto. As the Next Facebook page said, “Usually we release the videos on Opening Night of the new menu. This time we’re having some fun along the way as well.” No idea what it means, but presumably the next teaser will expand on it. The Kyoto menu will begin September 15.

Alinea and Eleven Madison Park Trading Places For a Week? Plus First Kyoto