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Two Locations of Abbot’s Pizza Co. Turn Into Grey Block; Alejo’s Becomes Eddie’s

Grey Block Pizza.
Grey Block Pizza. Photo: Unemployed Eater

Two casual, coastal-area restaurants of some standing have undergone big changes to their names, if not a lot else. Has John Taffer tackled the Westside or something? First, Unemployed Eater reports that two locations of 17-year-old Abbot’s Pizza Co., one in Culver City and the other just across from Santa Monica City College, have changed their names to become Grey Block Pizza, adding just a few menu items in the process.

The transformation, of course, makes some sense, seeing that neither are on Abbot-Kinney and with L.A. being in the eye of a full-on pizza explosion. Rumor has it that the owners recently split, with one taking the Venice location of the original name, and the other in possession of the newer storefronts. Still, Grey Block’s owners insist, on not misleading anybody, explaining on its website that this “is not a new startup!” Though they still have us pretty confused by also calling this a “new venture.” Either way, the salad pizza remains the same.

In other name change headlines, Alejo’s Presto Trattoria, the red-sauce Italian with a grimy outer visage in Marina del Rey, is also trading names to become Eddie’s Italian Kitchen, which makes us instantly think of this dude. Apparently, the change comes from a “contractual snag” with the restaurant’s Westchester location, despite its long-time presence on Lincoln, though the principals here and the menu will remain the same.

Abbot’s Pizza Company in Santa Monica and Culver City Now Grey Block Pizza [UE]
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Two Locations of Abbot’s Pizza Co. Turn Into Grey Block; Alejo’s Becomes Eddie’s