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That Red Bull–and-Vodka Will Lead to Unprotected (Yet Energetic) Sex

Which way to the smush room?
Which way to the smush room? Photo: iStockphoto

A shocking survey from the University of Buffalo reveals that caffeinated cocktails make people get drunk and do stupid things. These findings will be published in Playboy The Journal of Caffeine Research, which is a thing that actually exists. But apparently cocktails dosed with caffeine make people even worse at decision-making than regular cocktails — especially when it comes to the issue of condoms.

Researchers found that 29.3 percent of sexually active students reported drinking caffeinated cocktails; of those students, 45.1 percent reported having what old people refer to as “casual” sex, and 43.6 percent reported that they did not use a condom.

(To be fair: The creators of Four Loko discovered years before that caffeine really just makes you want to get trashed. And to paraphrase Dr. Ruth, alcohol leads to romance.)

The whole condom-less thing is troubling, however, since nobody knows whether boozing with child is bad or necessary. And so: Bottoms up?

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That Red Bull–and-Vodka Will Lead to Unprotected (Yet Energetic) Sex