AK Supper Club Returns With Rotating Chef Concept

Capri Photo: Tatiana Abrogast

Alona Hamilton-Cooke, owner of Capri, writes Grub Street to confirm that her pop-up AK Supper Club reopened on Wednesday night. Kevin Kathman split from the project after news broke that he was unhappy with his lack of a contract there, and Dustin Taylor appears to be gone as well. The temporary restaurant appears to be pulling more of a Test Kitchen than a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing now, with plans to bring in different chefs every so often for a stint.

Currently, the owner says one Benadicto Gell (Joe’s) is in the kitchen, making dishes like a pink scallop crudo with melon water, cucumber, pearl currants, Thai basil, and Peruvian mint and poached black cod with corn broth, kefir leaf, coriander, and roasted corn kernels.

Curiously, Hamilton-Cooke claims the pop-up “has never been closed,” though we’d love to hear Kathman’s side of the story on that one holler!). The French Laundry veteran does announce on a Facebook page, which bears the AK name, “We have departed from the Abbot Kinney spot and will be looking for our next venture…Keep coming back to see where we end up next.”

AK Supper Club Returns With Rotating Chef Concept