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AK Supper Club Axed…For Now

Chef Kevin Kathman
Chef Kevin Kathman Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Abbot-Kinney’s newest pop-up, AK Supper Club, housed in Alona Hamilton-Cooke’s Capri restaurant for just over a month now, has already lit upon a rocky shore, reports Yo! Venice!, citing the cancellation of service this past Saturday night. Hamilton-Cooke pointed Eater to a staff member’s “personal problem” as the reason for the temporary closure, while chef Kathman spells out his own concerns on the restaurant’s website, writing, “We are sad to announce that we will be closed this weekend. We have been unable to get a contract for weeks from the Capri restaurant owner who’s space we work in. We hope to have this issue resolved soon, but for now we are taking a break.” He also posted a comment on a paid placement on Daily Candy: “Until we have an agreeable contract with the owner. We r done.”

AK Supper Club, which opened in early July, comes quick on the heels of Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the former Capri pop-up that may soon turn into the more fixed Hart and The Hunter at PaliHotel. Just one week ago, Hamilton-Cooke introduced the media to a secondary chef at the Kathman-helmed restaurant, as New York’s Dustin Taylor joined him in the kitchen.

At the time, the owner told Grub Street, “Dustin and Kevin are both working for the restaurant. If it goes for a while this might change.” Whether or not this particular statement or the recent addition set off the opening chef’s alarms bells cannot currently be verified, but for now, AK Supper Club appears to be shuttered until further notice comes from Hamilton-Cooke herself or through Kathman via the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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AK Supper Club Axed…For Now