Diners Reflect on Their Worst Boston Restaurant Experiences

He's just happy to be here.
He’s just happy to be here. Photo: istockphoto

Chowhounders have taken to the Boston board in droves to vent about their most unfortunate dining experiences. Often Chowhound prefers “constructive” posts, but somehow this series of laments has slid under the radar. Lucky us! This stuff is juicy.

The scene at Fiorella’s in Newton reads like something out of a deranged nursing home on family day: “Open kitchen running full bore, blue hairs complaining about their food, whole families of with whining hungry chlldren parked nearby like refugees, everyone TALKING REALLY LOUDLY, two women sitting together and both talking on their phones (I just dont understand this), people standing waiting for…what? Not sure, blocking doorways and waitresses, and then finally food.”

Yet another disgruntled poster vowed never to give Lydia Shire “another dime” after a surly experience at her now-shuttered Biba, which involved a “a cluster of titanic proportions” and a 30-minute wait for menus, plus “slippery” food. Sam’s at Louis, meanwhile, involved “ineptly cooked, grossly oversalted” fare, and another sorry soul was doused in beer at Grotto.

Also of note: “disintegrating” French fries at Scholars and “overflowing peeled shrimp and lots of filth and garbage nearby on the way” into Dok Bua. But this scene at Clio takes the cake: An overflowing bath tub leaked through the ceiling and moistened a patron.

Hey, not every restaurant can be L’Espalier.

Your Worst Boston Restaurant Experience [CH]

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Diners Reflect on Their Worst Boston Restaurant Experiences