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What To Eat and Drink at Prost!, Now Reopened on Lincoln Ave.

Gemütlichkeit at the newly reopened Prost!
Gemütlichkeit at the newly reopened Prost! Photo: Rob Culpepper

Having lived for some time near Lincoln Avenue, we grew used to the number of German bars and restaurants in Chicago shrinking, never growing; we said goodbye to Heidelberger Fass, Rogen’s, Zum Deutschen Eck and others, and lamented those we never knew (the singing waiters of Math Igler’s Casino taunted us from a fading mural for years). So we’re always happy on those rare occasions— those very rare occasions— when a new German beerhall and restaurant opens. Prost! opened a modern beer garden on Lincoln Avenue a few years ago, hoping to capture DePaul students in search of gemütlichkeit, but for whatever reason, it closed three years ago. About a month ago, it quietly reopened, and seems to be humming along well enough now that they’re ready to make a bigger splash. Starting with, a bigger space— they expanded to 3000 square feet, put in 24 taps of German and Austrian beer (“I want to remind people that the Bavarians created the original craft brews centuries ago,” says owner Brian Reynolds), and brought in Ian Flowers, previously executive chef at LOKal, to create an updated German menu full of hearty, classic but not stereotypical Germanic food. Check out the dinner and beer menus below.

Prost! dinner menu [JPEG]

Prost! beer menu pg. 1 [JPEG]

Prost! beer menu pg. 2 [JPEG]

Prost!, 2566 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-880-9900.

What To Eat and Drink at Prost!, Now Reopened on Lincoln Ave.