Wahlburgers New CEO Arrested for Possible Drunk Driving

Best enjoyed in moderation.
Best enjoyed in moderation. Photo: Wahlburgers/Facebook

Rick Vanzura, the former Panera exec hired to expand the Steve Carrell–approved Wahlburgers chain, was recently found slumped over his steering wheel, car running, in the Boston suburb of Hull. According to reports, he “reeked” of alcohol. Oh, and it was also 4:30 in the afternoon.

Vanzura told police that he’d had two glasses of wine at an Italian restaurant, but unfortunately he couldn’t remember the name of the place (maybe it was Alma Nove, chef Paul Wahlberg’s Italian spot?). Anyway, Vanzura then failed a field sobriety test. Luckily, nobody was injured, except possibly Vanzura’s pride.

Wahlburgers CEO Arrested for Alleged OUI [Hingham Patch]
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Wahlburgers New CEO Arrested for Possible Drunk Driving