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The Short Saga Behind Umami’s New ‘Road to London’ Burger

The “Road to London” Burger Photo: Umami Burger

Eight Amazonian Olympian athletes recently walked into Umami Burger in Anaheim, or so the story goes according to an Umami press release (and when has a press release ever stretched the truth?). They ordered their burgers, or whatever it is statuesque Olympic Volleyball players eat, and several asked for avocado as a topping, which is anyone’s God-given right while in California. But Umami has its pride, as expressed by a rather strict substitutions policy. So rather than allow our fierce Olympic warriors to have what they want out of support or maybe just to be cool, their request was rejected. Umami Burger then went home and attempted to drink itself to sleep, still haunted by the desperate, avocado-deprived howls of the U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team and the severe stiff arm it had so cruelly served them (we made this part up, by the way).

Starting this Friday, July 27, Umami will attempt to correct its historical faux pas by releasing an avocado-topped “Road to London” burger at its Anaheim store, running until August 12 and custom-designed with the Olympians in mind. Actually, it appears to have been formulated with plumper shapes in mind, seeing as it’s really a burger of ground beef topped with beer cheddar cheese and bacon lardons, as well as lettuce, tomato, and crushed avocado.

The burger of champions? Possibly. Clever marketing tie-in with The Olympics? Absolutely. Did the girls ever get their avocado burgers? We have no clue. But here below, we do have a picture of the team at Umami Burger, smiling and looking generally satisfied, just like the good sports they all must be. Go team!

The U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team
The Short Saga Behind Umami’s New ‘Road to London’ Burger