Our Five Favorite Tacos In San Francisco

See who makes our favorite fish taco.
See who makes our favorite fish taco. Photo: Grub Street

Yesterday we unveiled our latest Grub Guide to the 35 best tacos around the Bay. Today, as we did with our burger roundup, we bring you our top five of the bunch, although rather than ranking them, we’re just going to name our favorite carnitas, and al pastor, and fish taco, etc.

Best Al Pastor: Really, our favorite was at the Guadalajara truck in Oakland, but a close second, without having to cross the Bay and brave International Boulevard, would be the El Gallo Gordo truck at 23rd and Treat. Perfect balance of spice, sweetness, and tender pig.

Best Carnitas: Nopalito has to take this one, but for a proper, cheap, carnitas taco (at Nopalito you have to make the taco part yourself), we point you to Taqueria San Francisco.

Best Carne Asada: It’s not our favorite thing to order, mostly because most versions of it pale in comparison to the pork options, but if you’re a fan of the beef we’d recommend trying the beer-marinated version at Comal in Berkeley.

Best Fish Taco: La Fajita Grill in the Castro, hands down.

Best Lengua: You scared of a little tongue? You shouldn’t be. Try ordering it at El Tonayense, and it’ll come cubed, unrecognizable as the muscle it is, but damn delicious.

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Our Five Favorite Tacos In San Francisco