A Look at Superba Snack Bar’s Dinner Menu

Superba Snack Bar
Superba Snack Bar Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

A full dinner menu is now online for Superba Snack Bar, the “post modern pastaria” and progressive Italian small plates concept developed by Pitfire Pizza owner Paul Hibler and chef Jason Neroni. The website, which uses an image featuring the work of street artist Euthanasia as its home page wallpaper, pinpoints the restaurant’s location as a place “where food, art and community intersect.” Playing up to the neighborhood it’s helping to alter, Superba’s site also features a map of nearby art galleries, community resources, and shops as “an ode to places in our community that inspire us in one way or another.” Jason Neroni responds to a fan via Twitter that the doors will open to the public on Thursday, while passersby may have caught some friends and family services already in full swing in the past few days.

So far, Neroni’s menu starts with a selection of “cold cuts” featuring far-out fare like a porchetta di testa pastrami and duck rillete with pickled green strawberries, before veering into a “snacks” section with of fried duck egg mingling with papas bravas and tuna prosciutto, and scallops a la plancha with watermelon curry and padron peppers.

With no dinner dish over $19, the main courses include veggie plates like cherry tomatoes in dashi with smoked tofu, along with a “cauliflower t-bone.” Real meats get their due in main courses of Neroni’s handmade pastas, like in an angolotti with pig cheeks, amaro, five spice, and smoked pine nuts, plus a squid ink spaghetti with sea urchin and squid putanesca, and smoked bucatini with pancetta, carbonara, and Araucana egg.

We’re not alone in our high hopes for dynamic quality and innovation at Superba, where Neroni’s experimental pastas and Hibler’s attention to detail should make the new restaurant worth exchanging free and easy parking and smooth traffic on this small street, which should soon be all blowed up, seeing as Eater reports the opening of bound-to-be-overrun Cafe Gratitude, about a hundred feet west of here, is happening on Thursday, too. Fare thee well, Rose.

Check out the menu below, while we await word on the forthcoming brunch and lunch menus, which hopefully bring about the pizzas we had a sneak peek at this spring.

A Look at Superba Snack Bar, Opening Soon in Venice [GS]


porchetta di testa pastrami on rye with celery pickles
campagnola terrine, black garlic mustard
soppresata, pepperoncino & parmesan
duck rillette, tarragon & pickled green strawberries
Julias chicken liver mousse balsamic cherries

choose 1 for 8
choose 3 for 18
choose all for 25

pan con tomato, olive oil & sea salt 8
fried duck egg, papas bravas, truffle vinaigrette & tuna prosciutto 14
ocean trout crudo , pickled mustard seeds, sesame puree & chorizo oil 14
chorizo & ricotta meatballs with pickled jalapeno salsa verde 12
scallops alla plancha, watermelon curry, padron peppers & watercress 17

Eclectic Acres greens, ricotta, blossoms & pickled jalapeno dressing 8
sweet corn gazpacho, yogurt sorbet, tarragon & hazelnut granola 12
heirloom tomatoes, miso blue cheese dressing, sesame seeds & spicy greens 15
cauliflower t-bone, basil puree, orange/olive pistou 14
cucumber salad, puffed rice, vietnamese vinaigrette, crab & salted black beans 13
cherry tomatoes, dashi broth, smoked tofu & shiso/basil 14
charred watermelon, burrata, candied olives & pickled garlic vinaigrette 15

angelotti, cauliflower puree, smoked pine nuts, pig cheeks, 5 spice & amaro 18
whole wheat rigatoni, cacio pepe, tellacherry black pepper, 24 month aged pecorino 14
spaghetti nero, sea urchin, squid putanesca 17
garganelli, lamb bolognese, black garlic, ricotta salata & mint 18
smoked bucatini, carbonara, pancetta, milled black pepper, Aracuna egg 16
casarecce, crispy sardines, preserved lemons, lovage & botarga bread crumbs 17
creste de gallo, sweet corn, shrimp, shellfish butter & old bay bread crumbs 19
gnocchi, burrata, braised broccoli necks, vincotto & hazelnut bread crumbs 18

substitutions are politely declined, a gluten free pasta option is available upon request

A Look at Superba Snack Bar’s Dinner Menu