StarChefs 2012 Chef’s Congress Will Feature Ricker, Falkner, Batali

Photo: Courtesy StarChefs

Industry-focused magazine StarChefs has released the first details of its annual International Chefs Congress, which will be held this year from September 30 to October 2 at the Park Avenue Armory. The event brings together all sorts of influential and emerging chefs and other restaurant professionals from around the world; presenters and workshop-givers this year include Andy Ricker, Alex Stupak, Mario Batali, the Torrisi men, and Seamus Mullen. Sean Brock and Linton Hopkins are representing the South; Sat Bains and Josean Alija will bring some Michelin dazzle over from Europe in their carry-ons. Also listed in the “Savory” category, by the way, is pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner, who recently moved here from San Francisco and was last seen scouting Brooklyn spaces for her forthcoming pizza parlor. There’s no description of Falkner’s presentation on StarChefs website, nor has there been an update on the new place, but we’re hoping this means the oven is now in preheat mode. [StarChefs, Earlier]

StarChefs 2012 Chef’s Congress Will Feature Ricker, Falkner,