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Sang Yoon’s Father’s Office Burger Has An Evil Twin

Am I evil?
Am I evil? Photo: Father’s Office

Bon Appétit is tramping its way through Los Angeles this weekend with its “Grub Crawl,” a three-day march of eating and drinking staged among a hit parade of notable restaurants and bars. Those joining the crawl will spend Friday in Downtown, Saturday eating around Mozza, Street, Night + Market, and The Spare Room, and polish off Sunday with trips to Picca, Lukshon, and Sotto. Kicking off Sunday’s crawl will be a trip to Father’s Office in Culver City, where Sang Yoon will offer an alternate take on his famous burger. This backup burger, referred to unofficially as the “evil twin” of Yoon’s signature, is a Central European-inspired sandwich of pork on a pretzel bun, in addition to other ingredients. We caught up with the chef this week so he could explain from whence this hell-spawn arrives.

Sang Yoon tells Grub Street, “This burger was first created approximately seven years ago and was inspired by German Cuisine. I was tinkering with the idea of a second burger, so I followed the exact format and shape of the Office Burger, replacing each component. The beef was replaced with pork, bun became pretzel with mustard, caramelized onions became red cabbage, cheeses became Munster and Emmentaler, arugula became watercress. Same shape…so it looked like a twin.”

The burger will wreak havoc on Bon App’s Grub Crawl this Sunday, but isn’t likely to resurface on the usual menu at Father’s Office. Most likely, it will be banished to the basement like so many evil twins before it.

Detail and tickets for individual dates of The Grub Crawl can be found online.

Sang Yoon’s Father’s Office Burger Has An Evil Twin