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Vitello’s Auctioning Off Robert Blake’s Infamous Booth

Did you forget something?
Did you forget something? Photo: Beau Maes via Flickr

Vitello’s, the Studio City restaurant and jazz club in L.A. where Beretta actor Robert Blake conveniently “forgot” his gun at the very moment his wife was being blasted to death outside, is hoping to rid itself of any bad leftover juju (and endless visits by gawking tourists) through a complete interior redesign that has gutted the place. In an attempt to make a buck from some lunatic along the way, the restaurant will auction off the very booth Blake regularly haunted and was dining at with the departed Bonnie Lee Bakley on the night of her 2001 murder. The booth may be hitting eBay as soon as this Wednesday with a starting bid of $1,000, according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently trying to fatten up his own cash pile through a self-published autobiography called Tales of a Rascal, which he recently promoted in an off-the-rails interview with Piers “Charlie Potatoes” Morgan. Blake would likely be much more successful if he just bought the booth himself and took it on tour, as much as we’re dying to know what Spanky was eating.

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Vitello’s Auctioning Off Robert Blake’s Infamous Booth