Downtown’s Senor Fish Could Be Your’s For One-Dollar

“I’ll buy that for a dollar!” Photo: Senor Fish

The MTA is rubbing its hands together in a plot to sell the building that houses Downtown’s Senor Fish, for less than what a side of beans costs at the place. BlogDowntown reports that the proposed sale revolves around the light rail project that will connect several L.A. subway lines, whilst disturbing the operations of Senor Fish, Spice Table and Weiland Brewery, as previously mentioned.

In order to preserve the 1888 building that The L.A. Conservancy relishes for its historical value, both that organization and The MTA aim to put it on sale for one-dollar to keep it intact, just as long as the buyer agrees to relocate the building in its entirety, brick-by-brick, which we’re guessing will up the bill just a bit. The MTA must first acquire the land through federal funding, but is already trying to whip up interest, with the dream of having the corner free of the structure by next July.

Sound like an inane plan? The building’s owner would agree, obviously not happy about losing a building he’s helped to restore and reinvigorate over the years. He even warns any interested parties: “Anybody thinking of buying the building will find it expensive, if not impossible (to move).”

What can you buy for $1 anymore? Try a DTLA building [BlogDowntown]

Downtown’s Senor Fish Could Be Your’s For One-Dollar