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More Staff Flees From Farmers’ Cabinet

Farmers' Cabinet
Farmers’ Cabinet Photo: Steve Legato

If nothing else, the past year-and-not-quite-a half since Matt and Colleen Swartz, and partner Matt Scheller opened Farmers’ Cabinet has consistently kept a big capital “D” in restaurant drama, and provided plenty of fascinating fodder for the rumor mill. Now it looks like the comedy (or is it a tragedy?) continues as more of the Cab’s staff flees via what must be the city’s busiest revolving door. Foobooz yesterday reported that still new chef Steve Forte, who stepped up to lead the troubled kitchen following Jason Goodman’s abrupt departure back in January, exited the fold this week, and the post alluded to the possibility of a larger decampment of farmhands. Lo and behold, today the Insider dishes on that on that exodus.

In addition to Forte leaving, the Insider says general manager Nick Kulik, event coordinator Teresa Kulik, and front-of-house manager Jeffrey Boyle also split this week. Forte reportedly left over differences with the owners on the food. There’s no real word on why the others resigned, but the comments on Foobooz’s post provides plenty possible scenarios, none of which are confirmed. Up next for the kitchen’s top post is Chris Allen, who’s been holding down the food operations at the Cab’s sister restaurant, Boilermaker.

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More Staff Flees From Farmers’ Cabinet