Mixologists Mocked Once Again With New Rap Song

'Did you have to go to college for this?'
’Did you have to go to college for this?’ Photo: Fog and Smog

Haute cocktailians. Mixologists with waxed moustaches. They’re easy to mock! And now that everyone in the wider world has experienced, at least once, the pleasures of waiting for fifteen minutes while a very serious bartender stirs and shakes several very serious drinks, the trend has even spawned a satirical rap song and video. It’s called “Mixologist,” and it’s the work of a collective of San Francisco and Los Angeles artists and performers called Fog and Smog whose previous work includes “Whole Foods Parking Lot” and “Berkeley Enough.”

The hilarious fake cocktails you can catch glimpses of on the menu in the video (Chewbacca’s Jacuzzi anyone?) kind of remind us of this hilarious fake menu that got passed around at New York’s Great GoogaMooga fest a couple months back, which turned out to be the work of comedians Dan Klein, Arthur Meyer, and Kelly Hudson.

We also appreciate those enormous ice cubes sitting atop tiny glasses. And chicken feet for garnish! Heh.

Watch ‘Mixologist,’ a Rap Parody of the Cocktail Scene [Eater National]

Mixologists Mocked Once Again With New Rap Song