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It’s True: Fort Point + Ming Tsai = New Restaurant

You're not in Wellesley anymore.
You’re not in Wellesley anymore.

Last week we wrote about the rumor that Ming Tsai had his eye on a space in Fort Point. Today, both the Globe and the Herald report that the rumors are true, so now we can all rejoice in the knowledge that Barbara Lynch, Jody Adams, and now Simply Ming have made the neighborhood safe for high-end cuisine. (Not that we don’t love Lucky’s.)

The Globe says that Tsai’s newest endeavor will be a Chinese restaurant on A Street, with “details to follow,” per an email, complete with a little smiley face. Aww! Meanwhile the Herald quotes Tsai has saying “I’m incredibly excited to be doing a second restaurant…I have the right team. I love the area; it’s just incredibly vibrant and exciting.”

The restaurant will be at 324 A St., which is currently an oddly shaped, boarded-up building that once housed a deli.

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It’s True: Fort Point + Ming Tsai = New Restaurant