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Michael White’s UES Restaurant Will Be Called ‘Ristorante Morini’

Something like this.
Something like this.

It was just reported that Michael White’s Altamarea group assumed the glamorous Centolire space on Madison and 86th. While we poked fun of his recent choice of names, turns out the new place already has one: White’s rep tells Grub Street that the UES establishment will be called Ristorante Morini, confirming that it is indeed an extension of White’s Soho smash, Osteria Morini. Grub has also learned that Gordon Finn, from Alto, is chef di cucina; Rocky Cirino, GM of Marea, will oversee the GM, David Schneider (currently an assistant manager at Marea); and Richard Anderson, currently of Marea, will be the sommelier.

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Michael White’s UES Restaurant Will Be Called ‘Ristorante