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Fascist Maple Syrup Vandal Pleads Guilty

We sense the evil influence of Mrs. Butterworth here
We sense the evil influence of Mrs. Butterworth here Photo: Dno1967b via Flickr

In April, a Northridge woman was nabbed by police after carting her teenage daughter and two friends of the girl’s around The Valley for some bonding time over a few fascist threats. Rather than spend another evening at Dave and Buster’s, the crew trashed two houses of their former schoolmates using toilet paper, feces, and maple syrup, which already sounds disturbed beyond the usual creepy M.O. of teenage girls. The little ladies took it there, though, making everything worse by drawing anti-Semitic remarks and symbols on their victims doorways in maple syrup, including a family whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors. Whoops. They might have gotten away with, too, it if not for the intervention of former SNL funnyman Jon Lovitz and his wife Morgan Fairchild, a friend of one of the targets who eventually exposed the evil deeds on Twitter, leading to the mother’s arrest.

LAist reports that the woman, one Catharine Whelpley, was charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, along with various counts for trespassing, vandalism, and tampering with a vehicle. Yesterday, she copped a plea to one misdemeanor count of contributing to delinquency of a minor, and will be ordered into a year of parenting classes and 80 hours of community service.

The girls, meanwhile, were expelled from their school, not for drawing their swastikas backwards, like most moronic neo-Nazis tend to do, but just for being seriously messed up little jerkwads. Case closed. Good work, Detective Lovitz!

Jon Lovitz Rejoices Again, Mother of ‘Jew Hater’ Pleads Guilty in Maple Syrup Swastika Vandalism [LAist]

Fascist Maple Syrup Vandal Pleads Guilty