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Lush To Host Pop-Up Gastro Bar With Adam Seger, Tim Graham

Lush Wine & Spirits.
Lush Wine & Spirits.

By this point we hardly even know what a “pop-up gastro bar” would be; seems like the one thing nobody wants to do is just open a damn restaurant any more. But here’s why we stopped to read this: when Adam Seger, one of the fathers of our cocktail scene (which is sort of like the baby in Three Men and a Baby, fathers-wise) and inventor of Hum and all that, is going to do a two-night pop-up at Lush West Town, you pay attention. When his chef partner is Tim Graham… you really pay attention. Who’s Tim Graham? Well, that’s the thing— he’s the former executive chef at Tru (where Seger also worked) who Michael Nagrant called “the most talented executive chef de cuisine TRU has had since it opened,” but who had kind of a low profile compared to other chefs working at that level— and eventually left to help launch Paris Club (he has since left there as well). And their collaboration— seven courses with pairings for $49, or $9 each— is intriguing in another way— where the pairings usually come after the food, in this case Graham devised the food to pair with the drinks Seger had come up with. The pop-up will be both Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 10 p.m. at Lush Wine & Spirits West Town (1412 W. Chicago); call 312-666-6900 for reservations, and see the menu below.

Smoked Whitefish, Heirloom Apple Chip
Complimentary Farm to Bar Welcome Punch

Hibiscus Compressed Watermelon, Ricotta Salata, Mint, Hibiscus Consommé
Mini Watermelon and Hum Mojito

Strawberries, Fava Beans, Hearts of Palm, Celery
Celery Infused Tequila, Strawberry Sour

Mini Reubens
North Shore Aquavit and Triple Karmelit Beertail

Rare Tea Cellar Earl Grey Tea Cured Currants, Curried Chick Peas, Cucumber, Raw Onion
Moroccan Spice Rimmed Rambutan Daiquiri

Ricotta, Pea and Tarragon Stuffed Pasta, Beurre Monte
Tocai Friulano, Pear Eau de Vie, Ginger Sour, Disciplined Tarragon

Chicken Cordon Bleu Poppers
Chicken Fat Infused Red Wine ‘Surprise & Delight’

Walnut, Baby Artichokes and Comte
Sherry, Cynar, Apricot Cobbler

Lush To Host Pop-Up Gastro Bar With Adam Seger, Tim Graham