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Lake Trout Opening Delayed, But Check Out the Menu

Another day, tops.
Another day, tops. Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Matt Lang and business partner Joe Carroll’s Baltimore-inspired “crappy” new fried-whiting shop in Williamsburg was set to open yesterday, but hit a snag in the always unwelcome form of “refrigeration issues,” according to a worker at the restaurant last night. As a result, Lake Trout will open tonight or tomorrow, depending on the repairman’s alacrity. In the meantime, tide your fried-fish-sandwich dreams over with a peek at the menu. Low price points — the namesake fried whiting is $6.25, and the pollack-based cheese fish “sangwich” is $6.50 — seem to match Lang and Carroll’s seafood-shack aesthetic. Another lowbrow Baltimore specialty, dredged and fried potato wedges called Western fries, also make an appearance.

Menu [PDF]

Lake Trout, 160 Havemeyer St., Store #5, nr. S. 2nd St., Williamsburg; 718-782-3474

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Lake Trout Opening Delayed, But Check Out the Menu