What to Expect at The L.A. Street Food Fest, July 21 at The Rose Bowl

NaanStop at L.A. Street Food Fest
NaanStop at L.A. Street Food Fest Photo: LA Street Food Fest

The L.A. Street Food Fest has come a long way over the last few years towards assembling a concentrated core of disparate restaurants, food trucks, and sidewalk cooks that really reflect the eclectic strengths of L.A.’s street eats scene. This year, it even manages to incorporate some guest stars from Baja. The event takes over The Rose Bowl again next Saturday, July 21 with over 100 vendors and counting. The day’s participants include trendy “gourmet” trucks like Grilled Cheese, Border Grill, Kogi, IOTA”s Hansik Truck, Waffles de Liege, and The Peking Duck Truck, as well as loncheros like Mariscos Jalisco and true taqueros like MexiCali, as well as surprises like moqueca from Sabor de Bahia and cheeseburger dumplings from Bling Bling. Wait, it gets even better.

Several prominent restaurants will be lending a hand, as well, including Haven Gastropub offering cola-glazed Berkshire pork and pig ears, Flor de Yucatan’s with its killer cochinita pibil, paella from Lazy Ox Canteen, sushi from Roku, and a sneak preview of Bestia with chef Ori Menashe. In addition, Ricardo Zarate, Bryant Ng, and the chefs from Sotto will be serving at booths promoting L.A. Food & Wine, while Grace and BLD chef Neal Fraser mans The Cart for a Cause.

The event is also lining up a hearty portion of chefs and restaurants from Baja again, including Mision 19 star Javier Plascencia, Manzanilla’s Benito Molina, two masters of mariscos, and the Northern debut of Tijuana’s Taco Kokopelli.

Organizers also tell us they’re still adding names to this beyond exciting lineup, which also includes an enormous ice cream social with IOTA, Coolhaus, Short Cake, and Beachy Cream among the many, plus tequila and wine tastings, coffee, soft drinks, and a few other odds and ends. See the current list of participants below and get your tickets online.




Border Grill: Mini Green Corn Tamal Cone
Cambalaches Gourmet: Menu TBA

El Pan-Americano: Pernil Sandwich

Fox Pizza Bus: Farmers Market Salad + Wood Burning Pork Crostini

Frysmith: Menu TBA

Fuji Foods (Debuts at the Fest!): Rice ‘n Roll Onigiri
Gravy Train Poutinerie: Traditional Poutine + Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Hansik Truck: LA Galbi

Kogi BBQ: Black Jack Quesadilla, Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadilla

La Dolce Vita: Gourmet PB&J;

Nonna’s Kitchenette (As seen on Food Network’s Great Truck Race): Maple Glazed French Toast Crostini

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Cheesy Mac & Rib

The Mighty Boba Truck: Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken + Boba Milk Tea

The Peking Duck Truck: Peking Duck Sliders

Vintage Kitchen: Patatas Bravas

Waffles de Liege: Original Liege Waffle

Wake N Bake Wagon: Pulled Pork Slider

WTF Pizza: Five Cheese Pizza

Yalla Truck: Pita Sandwiches


Antojitos mi Abuelita: Green Mole + Black Mole

Mariscos Jalisco: Tacos Dorado de Camaron

Mariscos Los Lechugas: Menu TBA


Antojitos Carmen: Menu TBA

Antojitos Sofy | Sponsored by Street Gourmet LA (As seen on Bizarre Foods): Corundas (Mexican mini tamales)

bling bling dumpling: Cheeseburger Dumplings + Ginger Pork Dumplings

Jaliscos Mobile Taco Grill: Tacos de Asada + Al Pastor + Pollo

Mexicali Taco & Co.: Cachetada (The classic tostada reinvented)

Sabor da Bahia: Moqueca Taste (Brazilian fish stew with rice)
Seoul Sausage Company (As seen on Food Network’s Great Truck Race): Flaming Fried Balls

World Empanadas: Cricket, Bacon and Potato Empanada (VIP Hour+) + Chicken Empanadas


Ayara Thai: Spicy Grilled Thai Clams with Lime Sauce

Dog Haus: Sliders + Scott Baioli Dog

Fat Spoon: Seasonal Vegetable Curry

HAUS: Spicy Chicken Dukboki + “Papa Chokbal” (Marinated trotter with green onions and fermented bean paste)
Haven Gastropub: Cola-glazed Berkshire Pork + Pig Ears
Isla Cocina Pilipina: Menu TBA
Kings Row Gastropub: Curried Al Pastor Pork Belly with Fresh Naan

La Flor de Yucatan: Cochinita Pibil Tacos
La Monarca Bakery: Guava & Cheese Puff Pastry Taquitos + Poblano Chicken Mole

Lazy Ox Canteen | Chef Perfecto Rocher: Paella
Moo Dae Po II: LA Galbi
Playa | Chef John Sedlar: Cielo Verde Cornet

Short Order | Chef Christian Page: Pretzel Pups
Simpang Asia: Nasi Bungkus (Indonesian curry combination rice wrap)

Starry Kitchen: Menu TBA

Sushi Roku: Menu TBA

Tiara Café: Slow Smoked Balls of Lust (Ham brined pork belly encased in roasted poblano)

The Park’s Finest: Menu TBA

Yxta Cocina Mexicana and Mercado: Shrimp Taquitos + Rajas Tamales


Chef Neal Fraser | Grace + Vibiana + BLD


Chef Ricardo Zarate | Mo-chica + Picca (Food & Wine Best New Chef 2011)

Chef Bryant Ng | Spice Table (Food & Wine Best New Chef 2012)

Chefs Steve Samson & Zach Pollack | Sotto (Los Angeles Magazine’s #1 Best New Restaurant) (VIP Hour+)


Ori Menashe | Bestia (Preview at the Fest!)


Aqui es Texcoco: Menu TBA
Benito Molina | Manzanilla Restaurant: Menu TBA
Javier Plascencia | Mision 19: Tamal de Barbacoa (Pork shoulder, fig leaf, pickled veggies, coleslaw, heirloom beans)

Mariscos el Mazateño: Taco de Camaron Enchilado

Mariscos “La Guerrerense”: Sea Snail Tostada + Tostada Campechana

TACOS KOKOPELLI (US debut at the Fest!): Black Harder + Kracken


Beachy Cream: Ice Cream Sandwiches

CoolHaus: Menu TBA

Dragons Whisker Candy: Chinese Honey Candy

Ice Ice Shavie: Menu TBA

IOTA: Pat Bing Soo + Fruit Chips + Ice Coffee + Milk Tea
Longboards Ice Cream: The Big O + The Barfight

Market on Holly: Wonder Bar + Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats

Mother Moo Creamery: Salty Chocolate + Cinnamon Ice Cream

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew: Menu TBA

Sinners & Saints Desserts: Salted Caramel + Honey Granache Tart
Short Cake: Brunettes + Snickerdoodles + Nancy’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sweet Lucie’s: Organic Strawberry Mint Lemonade + Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Sweet Wheels: Beignets + GF Churros with Caramel Dipping Sauce

The Churro Borough of Los Angeles: Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches


Single Origin



Singha Beer

Hendricks Gin featuring Erik Lund

Greenbar Collective | Tru Organic Vodka, Crusoe Organic Rum, Fruitlab Organic Liqueur

GOOKSUNDANG Korean Rice Wine


Ixå Organic Tequila

Tequila Angel Bendito

Tequila Sin Rival

Tequila Cocula

Tequila El Llano

Apocalypto Tequila

Iconic Tequila

55 Anejo

55 Blanco

Rock n’ Roll Tequila

Mezcal Los Javis


Cépage Wines


Water sponsored by Scion

Honest Tea

Coba Aquas Fresca

O.N.E. Coconut Water




Flavour Gallery

Food is the New Rock

Oh! Snap Photo Booth

Cube Marketplace

KIND Snacks

93.1 Jack FM

A Distant Land - A Traveler’s Bookstore & Outfitters

Flowers by Muir Ranch at Pasadena’s Muir High Scho

What to Expect at The L.A. Street Food Fest, July 21 at The Rose Bowl