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Justin Bieber Holds Selena’s Hand at Pink Pepper; Ashton and Mila Seek Privacy at Soho House

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Photo: No Regrets Go For It via Flickr

Just as we were heading into a dismally dark weekend (at least as far as our little hearts were concerned), we get the sunny news we’ve been waiting for: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still dating everybody. Whew! The two were rumored to have split up, but it turns out they were merely arguing over where to eat, skipping the Jitladas and Ruen Pairs of the world to land at Pink Pepper in Hollywood, where Biebs tried to dress like Fabolous and she wore flip-flops. Now that our tears of pain have turned to cries of joy, we look elsewhere to see Joe Pesci satisfying his need for mama’s cooking with a trip to Ago, Ashton Kutcher slinking around with his “friend” Mila Kunis at Soho House days before some holiday lip-locking, and Ginnifer Goodwin saying “screw it” and taking her man to Jack-in-the-Box. All this and more in today’s celebrity settings.

Ago: Joe “I’ma break your freakin’ head” Pesci came in for lunch on Monday, failing to break anyone’s freakin’ head. [GS]

Caulfield’s: Dita Von Teese and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe finished a hard day of work with dinner in Beverly Hills. [Just Jared]

Coogie’s Beach Cafe: Alessandra Ambrosio hung out with a purple and pink dog. [Just Jared]

Coogie’s: Nicole Richie also came to the cafe, bringing her brood with her. [Just Jared]

Jack in the Box: Ginnifer Goodwin kept it gully with her boyfriend. [Just Jared]

Little Door: Melissa Joan-Hart rallied friends like Soleil Moon Frye to announce she’s having a baby. [Hollywood.com]

Pink Pepper: J Biebs and Selena Gomez went to the restaurant on Thursday night, dispelling rumors they had broken up. Whew, that should make it easier to sleep tonight. [Hollywood Life]

Soho House: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis continue to deny they’re getting “it” on, despite hitting the members-only club together. Oh, then they were spotted making out on the Fourth. [Gossip Center]

Justin Bieber Holds Selena’s Hand at Pink Pepper; Ashton and Mila Seek Privacy