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Jonathan Waxman Hasn’t Forgotten His L.A. Plans

Waxman Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

In an interview with Eater, Jonathan Waxman revisits his plans to return to L.A., telling the blog, “I am a California boy at heart,” before praising our product, defending Alice Waters against all haters, and looking back to his days at Michael’s. Waxman is yet to pick a location for an L.A. restaurant but seems to have more carnal thoughts on his mind anyway, calling our farmers markets “a wet dream” and comparing restaurant-building to making love.

Proving again that sex metaphors don’t mix very well with what we eat, Waxman says of pinning down his West Coast location, “That’s the hardest question of all, kind of like sex: where do you start?” Hmmm…

Of course, someone could demonstrate to the chef how these things begin using like, a Japanese love pillow or something, but since he’s all the way over in New York, we figure this instructive video we watched in fifth grade may be better at teaching Waxman how to initiate contact on his very own. [Eater]

Jonathan Waxman Hasn’t Forgotten His L.A. Plans