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Gov. Jerry Brown Boosts Legitimacy of Barrel-Aged Beer

Someone buy this man a beer
Someone buy this man a beer Photo: Rtilden via Flickr

After banning Four Loko in 2009, Governor Jerry Brown’s name was yanked off of our party list. But the lifelong politician may have redeemed himself last week by giving a boost to Cali’s craft beer industry. Brown signed 48 new laws into effect on Friday, spiking the fines for cock-fighting and denying cops the right to stop, frisk, and fornicate with the very people they arrest. But among all this joy-killing was also a bill sponsored by the California Craft Brewers Association, pleading for their barrel-aged brews to be licensed and regulated as established beer.

The bill saves these specialty suds, which are aged and flavored in wooden barrels that previously contained wine or spirits, from being designated as distilled spirits and taxed, as such, at a higher rate.

Way to go, Jerry! Your strong backing of the state’s beer industry again reminds us that before you were this guy, you were totally this guy. Look for our thank you gift in the mail.

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Gov. Jerry Brown Boosts Legitimacy of Barrel-Aged Beer