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Go Burger Gets Olympic Fever

We are the world
We are the world Photo: Go Burger

It’s hard to get better than that McDonald’s Olympics promotion in 1984 that had our seven-year-old gobs stuffed with Big Macs when much of the Eastern Bloc and its allies pulled out of the games. But Hollywood’s Go Burger is giving it a try with a menu of seven rotating internationally-influenced burgers being offered at the restaurant through next Thursday. The concept is fairly easy to follow. There’s a “Heart & Seoul” burger with bulgogi, fried egg, and kim chi slaw, a “Croque Monsiuer” burger with bechamel and gruyere in homage to our French friends, and a “Poutine Burger” for the Canucks, in addition to four other variations and a fish-and-chips burger available each day. You may have to trade in a medal for the little $15-$16 burgers, but we admit a tempura-fried “Samurai Burger” has our interest piqued. Check out Go Burger’s full roster of Olympics burgers below.

Olympics Specials, Available at GO Burger Bar & Grill and BLT Burger

The Gold Medal (USA) $15
Burger, BBQ sauce, frizzled onions

Poutine Burger (Canada) $15
Parker House bun, beef patty, French fries, gravy, shredded cheddar cheese,
bacon crumbles, scallions, cut on bias

The Great Wall Burger (China) $15
Beef patty, Arnold white bun, firm tofu marinated in soy sauce, stir-fry
(watercress, Napa cabbage, carrots, fresh ginger / julienne), crispy rice noodles

Heart and Seoul (Korea) $16
Beef patty marinated in Korean BBQ sauce, Arnold burger bun, kimchi slaw, Cilantro, toasted black and white sesame seed, fried egg

Croque Monsieur Burger (France) $16
Beef patty, Parker House roll, sliced ham, béchamel, gruyere, chives

Samurai Burger (Japan) $16
Beef patty, Parker House roll, tempura batter. Miso Russian dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion, bonito flakes

Fish N’ Chips Please (UK) $15
Fried fish sandwich with chips on the side

Go Burger Gets Olympic Fever