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Giant Gummy Bears Invade Inland Empire

You don't even have to brave the chocolate river
You don’t even have to brave the chocolate river Photo: It’Sugar

Admit it. Ever since you saw Willy Wonka, you’ve dreamed of those gargantuan gummy bears swaying above the chocolate rapids. Well, you won’t have to endure a bad trip through the fudge tunnel to finally procure them. You’ll just have to make a trip out to Rancho Cucamonga. A chain store specializing in giant versions of the candy you ruined your adult teeth on is now open in Victoria Gardens. Called It’Sugar and featuring some wide-eyed candy-flipper on its website, the shop promises such unholy aberrations as a five-pound gummy bear, a box of NERDS bigger than the head of an actual nerd, a one-pound Sugar Daddy, and a 24” pack of SweeTarts.

The shop also carries thousands of varied brands of vintage and contemporary candy, as well as candy-related clothing and toys. It’Sugar currently has a Universal Citywalk outpost and boasts over 50 stores in the U.S., a country long in need of two-foot Twizzlers.

It’Sugar, 12485 N Main St. Rancho Cucamonga.

Giant Gummy Bears Invade Inland Empire