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Freddy Smalls Sports New Summer Cocktails

Freddy Smalls
Freddy Smalls Photo: Freddy Smalls

Everyone who’s ever laid down their thoughts on West L.A.’s Freddy Smalls agrees that it’s a damn fine place to get a proper buzz on. The moody space is perfect for a dram, the nineties hip-hop just our speed, and David Fleisher’s drinks are engaging but never fussy. Toasting to summer, Fleischer has a new menu of cocktails designed to inject some refreshment into the muggy months, including drinks like an Old Fashioned made with pickled peaces and Buffalo Trace bourbon, a Swedish Island with coconut water, orange blossom syrup, lime, and Kanon Organic vodka, and a changing roster of daily cocktails like a Pimm’s Cup shrub employing pickled mulberries, gin, cucumber, and lemon. Check out Smalls’ full new cocktail selection and some sample of the daily drinks below.


Pickled Peach Old Fashioned - Buffalo Trace Bourbon with pickled peach, butters and a basil leaf garnish

Swedish Island - Kanon Organic Vodka, coconut water, lime and orange blossom simple syrup

Grandpa Secret Tea - Old Gran Dad Bourbon 100 proof Bonded, black and mint tea with a touch of sweet

Westside Eastside - Fidencio Clasico Mezcal, fresh lime, agave syrup, cucumber and jalapeno

Daily cocktail special examples:

Mulberry Shrub Pimm’s Cup - Pimm’s with pickled mulberries, cucumber, lemon and gin

El Burro - a tequila mule with lime, ginger beer and jalapeno

Freddy Smalls Sports New Summer Cocktails