Let Them Eat Foie

Foie Gras Spotted in The South Bay

Hot’s “The Burger,” topped with a “complimentary side” of foie gras Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

We had our first bite of verboten foie gras yesterday and like anything illegal, it was twice as tasty for being taboo. Yes, in spite of the statewide ban that went into effect on July 1, foie gras is still out there, being served by scof-foie-law restaurants with the wits to legally skirt the new restrictions. We found the foie being offered over lunch at Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach, where it is given as a “complimentary side” on this small burger with balsamic thyme onions.

The menu at Hot’s Kitchen

Simply called “The Burger,” it is double the cost and half the size of chef Sean Chaney’s typical output, due to the fat slice of seared foie gras layered on top of the patty for a $13 price. Take a gander at the burger above and find it at Hot’s while it’s still on the loose.

Hot’s Kitchen, 844 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach. 310-318-2939.

Foie Gras Spotted in The South Bay