Let Them Eat Foie

Foie Still Popping Up in L.A. and The Bay

Meehan, the Captain John Parker of L.A.'s foie battle
Meehan, the Captain John Parker of L.A.’s foie battle Photo: Cafe Pinot

Holes have been already punched into the ramparts of the state’s foie gras ban after just one week. In addition to San Clemente’s Cafe Mimosa, the first to publicly flout the new law, San Francisco now has a couple of known resources for obtaining the forbidden fat and Eater reports on L.A.’s first official sighting over at Kali Dining, the pop-up chef Kevin Meehan is reviving in Culver City for the rest of the month, starting today.

Delighted by the prospect of being dubbed, “the first underground foie speakeasy,” Meehan writes, “We are proud to announce that we will be serving a foie course with every dinner in this installation, free of charge in celebration of this ban,” while also setting the stage for a series of Sunday foie dinners, in which guests could be eating “no less then a half of a pound” of the bulked up liver, a quantity the chef admits “is almost disgusting.” Almost. Then again, we chowed down on our fair share before July reared its mug.

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Foie Still Popping Up in L.A. and The Bay