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Enoteca Drago Spikes Its Gelato

Enoteca Drago's new spiked gelato
Enoteca Drago’s new spiked gelato Photo: Drago

If conflicting reports about Osteria Drago’s soft-opening in West Hollywood has you befuddled (both the restaurant’s website and Eater tell us to come on down, while PR claims the restaurant is not yet “soft-open to the public”), you can now numb the pain through Enoteca Drago’s newest sweets. Mario Ortiz, pastry chef at The Beverly Hills restaurant, is now offering a rotating selection of spiked gelato and sorbet flavors to provide both a dessert and a nightcap in one convenient scoop.

The sorbet and gelato flavors will both be available two at a time and change every other week. So far, the alcoholic ices include flavors like orange caramel rye, strawberry balsamic Maker’s Mark, and espresso Downtown brown ale as far as the gelato goes, while under sorbets, you’ll find a cinnamon golden raisin Riesling, coconut mango Malibu rum, and candied tangerine limoncello among the goods, all priced at six bucks for a single serving or for a tester trio.

See the full list of Enoteca Drago’s spiked gelato and sorbet flavors below.


Orange Caramel Rye

Earl Grey Fennel Gin

Strawberry Balsamic Makers Mark

Espresso Downtown Brown Ale

Honey Pistachio Rum


Cinnamon Golden Raisin Reisling

Raspberry Black Pepper Cabernet

Coconut Mango Malibu Rum

Candied Tangerine Limoncello

Blueberry Basil Vodka

Enoteca Drago Spikes Its Gelato