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Urban Farming Trend in S.F. Documented in Edible City

The urban farming and urban homesteading trends in the Bay Area are really only a few years old, and a new documentary called Edible City traces the trend that began around 2008 and follows a few of its local pioneers. Director Andrew Hasse says the film began as just a short about Slow Food Nation, but blossomed into a feature as he was introduced to more and more people in the urban farming community by word of mouth. “It was like this treasure hunt, and every single person we met was an amazing character.”

Some of the Bay Area subjects featured include Joy Moore of the Berkeley Alternative School, Willow Rosenthal of City Slicker Farms, and Jim Montgomery of Green Faerie Farm.

The film is screening for free online, and also at a few different public screenings around the Bay Area.

Bay Area Urban Farmers Featured in New Documentary ‘Edible City’ [East Bay Express]
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Urban Farming Trend in S.F. Documented in Edible City