Pleasanton Comedy Club Becomes Latest Battleground in War Between Comics and Audiences

Photo: TMZ

Comedian Eddie Griffin got into a tussle with a female heckler Saturday night at Tommy T’s Comedy Steakhouse in Pleasanton which ended in drinks being thrown from both sides — and of course someone got it on video and sent it to TMZ. The incident was actually the third in a string of well publicized kerfuffles between comedians and audience members in the last week, beginning with what’s already being called Tosh-gate, in which Daniel Tosh made a rape joke about a female heckler after she heckled him for making a rape joke.

The Times got in on the action today discussing this weird trend of heckler altercations, opining, “As comedy gains status as an art form, tension between comics and hecklers will probably only increase.” We think it’s more just a coincidence that these three incidents all happened so close together (the second one involved comedian Tammy Pescatelli who had a wine glass thrown at her on stage in a Jacksonville, Florida club, damaging her cornea).

Tommy T’s had the woman escorted out of the club before closing down for night Saturday, and Griffin went on to post a rant about the woman who threw the drink on Facebook, calling her a “dyke bitch.” Below, the incident in question, where you can clearly see Griffin at the start of the video empty a bottle of something on the woman.

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Pleasanton Comedy Club Becomes Latest Battleground in War Between Comics and