Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing As Mobile Food Hub

Boston is planning to rework its vendor program in Downtown Crossing, according to the Boston Herald. The city seeks to “revamp the merchandise in the 25-year-old pushcart program and possibly add mobile trucks, kiosks and more permanent retail structures.” We wonder, will City Hall consider adding mobile food carts to the mileu of merchandise vendors?

Revitalization plans for Downtown Crossing span such culinary delights as drugstore sushi and Wegmans. But based on the success of the food truck initiative all over the city, perhaps adding mobile food would be a big hit. Not just food trucks but mobile pushcarts and street vendors to fit the area’s tiny and pedestrian friendly streets. Food truck owners in Boston have weighed in on the environment needed at City Hall for this kind of transformation to take place; perhaps Downtown Crossing is a perfect location for a test run.

Who wouldn’t get behind some creative hot dog and sausage vendors in the faded glory of Filene’s?

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Downtown Crossing As Mobile Food Hub