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Mommy Brawler Slices Ears at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Mousy mascot; ratty customer.
Mousy mascot; ratty customer. Photo: Screen magazine

Last week it was announced that Chuck E. Cheese’s mousy mascot would get a makeover, possibly to add a punky edge to the brand. Sounds like Chuck’s new edge is working: Over the weekend, a Pennsylvania woman was arrested for crashing her son’s birthday party to slice a romantic rival’s ear.

The mom, 20-year-old Lynaa Eva Dobbins, arrived at her son’s birthday party to find her ex-boyfriend cozying up to his new girlfriend. As you’ve already guessed, Jerry Springer–ness ensued soon after. Dobbins cut the girlfriend’s ear, hit another woman with a brick, and punched two more people. Someone else was stabbed in the back of the neck. That must have spoiled the mood, because her son “didn’t even get to the cake part,” lamented a relative. Rats!

Woman Stabbed During Fight at Monroeville Chuck E. Cheese’s [WTAE]
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Mommy Brawler Slices Ears at Chuck E. Cheese’s