Art Smith Calls Chick-fil-A ‘Poison,’ John Besh Sides With ‘Christ’

Married to Jesus.
Married to Jesus.

Chick-fil-A ruffled feathers again this week when president Dan Cathy balked more nonsense against gay marriage. Among many others, Ed Helms turned to Twitter in disgust, declaring that the “so lame” company “lost a loyal fan.” And now Art Smith is upset.

He tells Grub Street, “As a gay southern man who found health and married Jesus, why would I eat at a place that serves poison and preaches it?” And by the way, he signed his e-mail “Celebrity Gay and proud Chef.” (A work of art, as always.)

Other chefs, like John Besh, who hasn’t been to a Chick-fil-A and “isn’t itching to go,” falls on the side of live and let live. “I’m tolerant of the fact that his opinion is different than mine. In my opinion, Christ loved ALL people. I’m more concerned with where and how their chickens are raised, than the owners’ religious/political views if they want to sell me a sandwich. I don’t know the views of any of those that sell me po’boys or gyros??”

Art Smith Calls Chick-fil-A ‘Poison,’ John Besh Sides With