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BrisketTown Is the Next Step in Daniel Delaney’s Barbecue Ambitions

Juicy. Photo: Brisketlab

If you didn’t get in on one of Daniel Delaney’s sold-out Brisketlab parties, don’t despair: The former VendrTV broadcaster has plans to pop up again this fall with BrisketTown, an eat-in shop that will peddle his oak-smoked Lone Star–style brisket along with sausages and probably also beef ribs. Brisket will be the “trophy protein” and will still go for $25 a pound or more like it does at the labs, which Delaney says is justified by the quality of the meat (LaFrieda) and the labor (meat is tended for 24 hours straight).

Delaney is scoping spaces now but says he’ll most likely settle somewhere in “North Brooklyn or lower Manhattan”; meanwhile, Team Brisket is also constructing a commercial kitchen in East Williamsburg to house their smoker, a hand-me-down from several generations of Texas barbecuers that Delaney trucked up to NYC. BrisketTown is the next phase of Delaney’s plan for an eventual permanent restaurant. “I don’t think we’re trying to be the best barbecue in New York, we’re trying to make some of the best barbecue in the United States,” he tells us, fresh off glowing Twitter praise from Texas-Cue maestro (and friend of Grub Street) Daniel Vaughn. “If you focus the time and patience on it, it doesn’t matter that we’re not in the Lone Star State.” Toggle on over to to reserve.

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BrisketTown Is the Next Step in Daniel Delaney’s Barbecue Ambitions