Apocalypse Now

Great Basements (Or: Where to Hide Out During the Next Micro-Burst)

Quick hide!
Quick hide! Photo: istockphoto

Falling trees! Downed power lines! Rock-sized hail! A storm of apocalyptic proportions foisted itself on Boston yesterday, leaving us running for cover and cowering in our basements. Which led us to wonder: If another micro-burst hits (and really, it’s only a matter of time), where should we take shelter? Preferably someplace with great food, great booze, and bunker-like qualities.

1. Garden at the Cellar
Obvious reasons: This place is a cellar. And, as we’ve noted before, they have damn nice fries.

2. Silvertone
If the world is about to end, we’d like our last meal to be their mac ‘n cheese.

3. Lucky’s
Baubles of hail will seem less frightening as we drink ourselves into oblivion while listening to a warbling Sinatra impersonator.

4. Casablanca
We’ll eat here while we still can, since they’re closing in August after decades of Harvard Square debauchery.

5. The Beehive
Maybe we’ll meet a rich South Ender at the bar, just in case our house is destroyed and we need to secure perma-refuge.

6. Grendel’s Den
To dine here is to feel young again. No power? No internet? Irrelevant as you debate obscure political theories and fall madly in love.

7. Saloon
Pre-Prohibition, pesky things like electricity didn’t matter so much. Brown liquor and hulky portions of manly meat were another story.

8. Underbones at Redbones
The underbelly of Davis Square’s Redbones is grimy, dingy, tasty, and tough enough to withstand anything.

Great Basements (Or: Where to Hide Out During the Next Micro-Burst)