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Here’s What You Missed Yesterday When Anthony Bourdain and The Layover Crew Touched Down in Philly

Di Bruno Bros.'s Adam Adam Balkovic and Anthony Bourdain
Di Bruno Bros.’s Adam Adam Balkovic and Anthony Bourdain Photo: Courtesy Di Bruno Bros.

Following years of being repeatedly shrugged off, overlooked and ignored, Anthony Bourdain yesterday finally gave Philly its due. With a TV crew in tow, he worked his way through the city’s narrow streets, gathering footage and surely some snide commentary for a future episode of The Layover. A lunchtime stroll through the Italian Market, where Bourdain tweeted a photo of a skateboard deck emblazoned with an artist’s rendering of renowned chef Marco Pierre White nailed to a telephone pole, brought them to Di Bruno Bros., where he was pleased to find a “perfectly ripe and ready raw milk Stichelton cheese.” And then it was off to Paesano’s (thank god it wasn’t Pat’s or Geno’s) for sandwiches. They turned up later at the very unappetizing Mütter Museum, and then the Barnes Foundation.

Next up was dinner at Marc Vetri’s Amis, where Bourdain and company gladly gobbled up the tripe, sweetbreads, veal tongue, and veal saltimbocca that Chef Brad Spence served them. For dessert, they ate his “Mom Mom’s” rice pudding.

After dinner, Bourdain, Paesano’s Peter McAndrew and Han Dynasty’s Han “the Man” Chiang crossed the street to Dirty Frank’s for several rounds of nightcaps. At one point, Bourdain boastfully tweeted, “I ain’t braggin’ or nothin’ but the home team, Peter and Han, checking out earlier than the visitors #dirtyfranks.” Perhaps they made the right choice, because his next tweet came with the message “Earthlings! Bow down to your new God!” and a link to this. Yep, that’s Dirty Frank’s for you.

Stay tuned. We just received word that Bourdain and The Layover crew will be back at it today, filming more for their Philly episode.

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Here’s What You Missed Yesterday When Anthony Bourdain and The