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Anthony Bourdain’s Got a New Show, Big Summer Plans

Summering in the Hamptons.
Summering in the Hamptons. Photo: Getty Images

Deadline breaks the news that Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson’s forthcoming reality show on ABC will be called The Taste. (The name makes the show sound like a semi-companion to ABC’s daytime food show, The Chew — should we expect a late-night show called The Swallow to show up on the 2013?) Anyway, what to expect from The Taste: “Four culinary experts will each mentor a team of competing pro and amateur cooks as they vie to turn out the tastiest dish.” So it’s like The Voice mixed with every other cooking competition show ever. Got it. Anyway, before that, Bourdain’s got a little R&R; to attend to as well.

Bourdain plans to spend some downtime in the Hamptons this summer. He tells Hamptons Magazine that he’s going all-in: renting a house, moving the family, inviting some peeps over the weekend, etc. (“I’m going to be like Ina Garten; that’s the lifestyle I want.”) He also uses the summer plans as a chance to talk about Hamptons fixture Billy Joel: “We’re actually pretty friendly, we’ve had dinner a couple of times, and Billy knows full well I hate his music,” Bourdain says. “You could be fired in any restaurant I’ve ever worked if you were heard listening to Billy Joel and visibly enjoying his music. But what’s interesting is Billy knows this.”

But, hey, it’s the summer, so it’s not all negative vibes coming from Casa Bourdain. In fact, there’s one person he’d love to have over: “I would barbecue with Rachael Ray. I’ve practically made a career of making fun and being cruel to her, and she has always taken it with humor. That’s very hard to not admire. And she’s a New York Dolls fan.”

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Anthony Bourdain’s Got a New Show, Big Summer Plans