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Watch Andy Warhol Eat a Whopper

Photo: Youtube

Things to note here: Andy Warhol had trouble with glass ketchup bottles, just like everyone else; he’s a dipper when it comes to burger-condiment application; and his pro move at the 2:15 mark is one for the ages. The vignette, from a 1982 film called 66 Scenes from America, might not be the most riveting way to spend four-and-a-half minutes of the only life you’ll ever have, but it’s came to light because of a larger look at Warhol’s relationship to food that’s appearing in the current issue of Lucky Peach — plus it will certainly add another layer of intrigue to Andy Warhol’s lost automat concept.

Somebody Has To Bring Home the Bacon [Lucky Peach/Slate via Kottke]

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Watch Andy Warhol Eat a Whopper