What You Missed at the Absinthe Group’s James Beard House Dinner in New York
A nicoise salad-esque canapé.

Last night, Absinthe chef Adam Keough, Boxing Room chef Justin Simoneaux, and pastry chef Bill Corbett of the Absinthe Group were in New York City along with Comstock Saloon barman Jeff Hollinger and Absinthe bartender Matt Conway serving up a special San Francisco Brasserie dinner at the James Beard House. Take a look at our slideshow of the cocktail reception and dinner, and observe some hometown chefs showing some New Yorkers how we do things here.

Also, by the way, the previous night, Hollinger and Conway were guest bartending at PDT in the East Village, but we did not dispatch a photographer for that.

Consider this your food porn for the weekend.

Mr. Hollinger at work. The bartending team served up four cocktails: the Galapagos (Campo de Encanto pisco, keffir lime-pepper syrup, lemon, lime, grapefruit); the Bob-Tailed Nag (Bullieit rye, Cocchi Barolo Chinato, mint bitters); a Sazerac (Rittenhouse rye, sugar, Peychaud’s bitters, St. George absinthe); and the Anecdote (Sutton Cellars vermouth, cherry shrub, Manzanilla sherry, spiced bitters, seltzer).
Some may recognize former SF Mag editor turned Tasting Table editor-in-chief Scott Hocker in the blue shirt.
with nicoise olives, haricot verts, and egg.
with pickled ramps and cherry mustard.
Absinthe’s now famed warm garlic pretzel with Vermont cheddar Mornay.
Tai Snapper tartare with sake and seaweed, as well as shaved scallion, fried dulse, and citronette.
Hawaiian Blue Prawns with local corn, porcini, roasted radish, wild arugula, and Benton’s bacon vinaigrette.
Liberty Farms duck with a coffee rub, stonefruit chutney, watercress-turnip purée, and cocoa-nib jus.
Spring lamb crusted with black garlic and panko, with capelletti pasta, English peas, carrots, crispy artichoke, lamb jus
Corbett prepared a Tri-star strawberry pavlova with anise-hyssop and cocoa curd.
That’s Boxing Room chef Justin Simoneaux at left, chef Keough in the center, and chef Corbett on the right.
What You Missed at the Absinthe Group’s James Beard House Dinner in New