Abbot’s Cellar and Amber Dhara Opening Next Week on Valencia

Abbot's Cellar
Abbot’s Cellar

The newest offshoot of Amber India, Amber Dhara (680 Valencia), is just about ready for its opening next door to Luna Park, but it’s delayed until next week (or possibly this weekend) after they did not pass a final inspection this week. It’s been a full year and a half since we first heard about this project, and only now that we understand it’s really freaking huge: 275 seats on two levels. That makes it the largest restaurant on Valencia Street, and also one of about a dozen opening or already open this summer in the Mission, including another that looks to be opening next week: Abbot’s Cellar (742 Valencia).

The large but not quite equally large off-shoot of Monk’s Kettle will debut early next week, with a private press event happening tonight. (You might even catch them softly open this weekend, like maybe Sunday, but reservations are now available on OpenTable starting Wednesday, July 25.) As we discussed earlier, the restaurant comes with a brand new food menu from chef Adam Dulye, with a view toward beer pairings. The space is a soaring, essentially brand new space built out in what was formerly an auto-repair shop, and no one’s yet to get a glimpse inside. Also, the beer list is going to be extra-special, with a focus on the lower-alcohol stuff that pairs better with food — you can still get the high-ABV brews at Monk’s Kettle, as always.

We’ll be bringing you some photos and menus from both as soon as we’re able.

Abbot’s Cellar - 742 Valencia Street between 18th and 19th - Official opening date on or around July 25.

Amber Dhara - 680 Valencia Street between 17th and 18th - Official opening date TBA.

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Abbot’s Cellar and Amber Dhara Opening Next Week on Valencia