First Look at Abbot’s Cellar, Opening Next Week

Abbot’s Cellar (742 Valencia), the new, much bigger offshoot of Monk’s Kettle, is set to open next Wednesday, though it sounds like they could surprise us and be softly open as early as the weekend, perhaps Sunday, but you didn’t hear it from us. Last night they had a press event with passed nibbles and beer pairings, and the space is pretty fantastic. The only things left to finish before opening are the two-story, stone-clad beer cellar in back, which is still not operational, and they’ve got a couple more lights to install. But it is a handsome room, as beer halls go.

Abbot’s Cellar - 742 Valencia between 18th and 19th - Opening on or around July 25 for dinner only. Reservations here.

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This would indicate the seriousness with which they take their beer.
The windows are still missing up top, but you get the picture. Also, there will be beer inside.
That sink, you see, is in the shape of a beer bottle.
First Look at Abbot’s Cellar, Opening Next Week