Ten Bars That Should Have Made the Chron’s Top 100, But Didn’t
Elixir is one of the bars we were surprised not to see on there.

We’ve made it a tradition here at Grub Street SF to supplement Michael Bauer’s annual update of his Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants with five that we feel were either unjustly snubbed, or unjustly cut from the list. Now that the Chron is doing a Top 100 Bars list, we feel compelled to do the same — and we have to say there are a couple of pretty great bars which typically make critics’ and bloggers best lists, not to mention venerable dives, that were snubbed on this lengthy list.

Perhaps it just goes to show how hard it is to build these lists, especially when you try to include all nine counties of the Bay Area — the picks in San Anselmo, Palo Alto, and Walnut Creek are beyond our typical scope, and we would tend to be biased toward including the better bars of the inner Bay Area first. A couple of surprising newcomers made it onto the Chron’s radar (Two Sisters Bar & Books, Churchill, and Goose & Gander all caught our eye) to the exclusion of some more established destinations like The Alembic. And we couldn’t help but notice that only one sole (predominantly) gay bar made the cut (Martuni’s), while a couple of Castro favorites got snubbed, one very old (Twin Peaks) and one newer but respected citywide for their cocktails (Blackbird).

So, without further ado, we bring you the ten bars across most of the Chron’s categories that we were pretty shocked not to see on the list.

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Ten Bars That Should Have Made the Chron’s Top 100, But