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Where to Eat During Pride, 2012 Edition

The Castro gets way busier than this on Pink Saturday.
The Castro gets way busier than this on Pink Saturday. Photo: Kevin Goebel/Flickr

We gave you and your LGBT friends a handy guide last year of where to eat around the Castro and Civic Center for Gay Pride weekend, so why not do it again. You’ve got the whole city at your disposal, of course, but for a quick pre-Pride brunch, or a late-night snack in the Castro, we have a few knowledgeable tips for those of you who care about what your food tastes like.


Canela - Pretty solid Spanish fare, especially the garlicky gambas, and the flatbreads.

Firewood - It’s a chain, it’s nothing incredible, but the roasted potatoes are delicious and the rotisserie chicken is occasionally perfectly cooked.

Frances - You won’t get a reservation, but if you hover by the door around 5 p.m. you might score a counter seat, and we’re big fans.

Kasa Indian Eatery - The rotis here are delicious and this is one of the best cheap options in the ‘hood.

Marcello’s Pizza - It’s been there since 1978, and it serves the best pizza in the ‘hood, hands down.

Orphan Andy’s - It was voted by Playboy one of the best late-night diners in the nation, and it’s a perfect spot for greasy, alcohol absorbing grub.

Starbelly - Though people come from all over town to eat at this place every night, and there’s usually a wait even for bar seats, it’s worth the wait. No booze though — only beer and vermouth-based cocktails.

Super Duper - The burgers are pretty super, and cheap, and the closest you’ll come to In & Out without going to Fisherman’s Wharf.


Absinthe - It’s a few blocks away, in Hayes Valley, and either before or after the parade will be a civilized respite from the craziness. Also: great brunch cocktails.

Boxing Room - It’s related to Absinthe, and serves really great fried chicken and New Orleans fare. And they do brunch.

Custom Burger - The burger place in Joie de Vivre/Best Western down 7th Street will make a great escape when the throngs get too maddening. And if previous years hold true, this street also becomes the finish line/parking lot for the Dykes on Bikes right after the parade.

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe - Great baked goods, and excellent, huge egg dishes. Get there really, really early in the a.m. or you will be waiting a long time to get in.

Pearl’s Deluxe Burger
- Great, sloppy burgers, and swell onion rings on the cheap.

Show Dogs - The hot dog and burger emporium from the Foreign Cinema team is a no-brainer.

Soul Groove - Just in time for Pride, this chicken-and-waffle pop-up will be popping up this weekend at SF Food Lab (7th and Market, at the Renoir Hotel).

Taqueria Cancun - Yes, the vibe at the 6th and Market location is a little shadier than the Mission branch, but the food’s just as good. The quesadillas and tortas make for great drunk food (or hangover food for that matter).

Where to Eat During Pride, 2012 Edition