Deathly Veggies

Lethal Vegetables!

Dangerous! Photo: Trazzler

While politicians continue to give broccoli a bad name, HuffPo has offered up a slideshow featuring dangerous vegetables: turnips, sunchokes, and squash. (Whatever you do, watch out for that squash.) With one false move, these sinister vegetables could kill you dead.

What makes these veggies so fucking lethal? They’re tricky to cut? “Butternut squash’s thick skin and odd shape can throw even the most seasoned cooks for a loop,” HuffPo cautions. A sunchoke is best handled with a vegetable peeler, while pumpkins — with their rotund shape and tough skin — could bend a knife (or worse) unless they’re eaten whole.

Fortunately, most of these delicacies won’t appear again until autumn, so, hey: Enjoy your final months on earth!

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Lethal Vegetables!